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What is a holographic will?

Unlike some other states, Tennessee has some broad rules that allow Brentwood residents and other people in the Nashville area and surrounding countryside to make out valid wills that do not strictly follow the state's requirements. One of the options a Tennessee resident has is to make out a holographic will.

Helpful steps in creating a succession plan

For many business owners, the most important issue to resolve in a business is how to keep it profitable. After all, making money is the primary goal. However, the biggest question confronting business owners is commonly an unresolved one: how to pass the business on when the owner wants to retire or is unable to run it. Many business owners may avoid this question because of its difficulty.

Business choices are many and always have consequences

A core tenet of the free market system is that the more choices consumers have the better. Of course, having too many choices can be a bad thing. How many of us, especially in this age of ever-expanding access to information, find ourselves confronted with choice overload? There are so many options for nearly everything that it can be hard to make any decisions at all, and be happy with them afterward.

Community Property Trusts In Tennessee

In Tennessee, married couples have the opportunity to establish community property trusts (CPTs). These trusts, simply put, carry incredible financial benefits, allowing couples to significantly reduce burdens associated with capital gains taxes and related concerns.

Changes in life and law make estate plan review a good idea

It might have been after your marriage or the birth of your first child. Some people do it before their entire family boards a plane together for the first time or when they lose a parent. No matter what the occasion, for many people it has been years since they last reviewed their will.

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